HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - To clean the glass

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To clean the glass

Dirty glass, from fingerprints, smudges, hair, and so on, slows down performance and affects the
accuracy of special features such as fit to page and copy.


Turn off the product, unplug the power cord from the electrical socket, and raise the lid.


If you have a 220V product, turn off the power switch.


Clean the glass with a soft cloth or sponge slightly moistened with nonabrasive glass cleaner.


Do not use abrasives, acetone, benzene, ethyl alcohol, or carbon tetrachloride on the glass; these
can damage it. Do not place liquids directly on the glass. They may seep under it and damage the


Dry the glass with a chamois or cellulose sponge to prevent spotting.


Dust might appear on the underside of the glass, but this cannot be cleaned and it has no effect on
the copy or scan quality.