HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Faxing

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Use the instructions below to perform basic faxing tasks with your HP LaserJet 3300mfp product:

Setting the information in the fax header

Setting the answer mode

Loading originals to fax

Sending faxes

Canceling a fax job

Using manual dial

Deleting faxes from memory

Redialing manually

Sending a fax at a future time

Receiving faxes

Receiving faxes to your computer

About speed-dial codes, one-touch keys, and group-dial codes

Managing group-dial codes

Deleting all phone book entries

Using dialing characters

Inserting a dial prefix

Using fax forwarding

Using fax polling

Enabling an extension phone

Sending a fax by dialing from a telephone

Changing the HP LaserJet 3330 product’s volume settings

Changing the default resolution

Changing the default contrast

Changing the detect dial tone setting

Changing how the product answers incoming faxes

Changing rings-to-answer

Changing answer ring patterns

Changing the silence-detect mode

Changing autoreduction settings for incoming faxes

Enabling stamp received faxes

Setting the fax error correction

Selecting tone- or pulse-dialing mode

Changing redial settings

Using billing codes

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80 7 Faxing


Changing the V.34 setting

Managing fax logs and reports

Printing the fax activity log

Setting the fax activity log to print automatically

Printing a fax call report

Setting fax call report print times

Including the first page of each fax on the fax call report

Printing a phone book report

Printing the billing codes report

Printing a T.30 protocol trace report

Printing the block fax list

Printing all fax reports