HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - To quickly program speed-dial codes or one-touch keys

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To quickly program speed-dial codes or one-touch keys


The following procedure cannot be used to program a group-dial code. For group-dial code
instructions, see

To program group-dial codes


Use the following method to program speed-dial codes and one-touch keys easily from the product
control panel:


On the product control panel, press phone book, enter an unprogrammed speed-dial code
and press menu/enter.
Press an unprogrammed one-touch key. The control panel display will notify you that the
speed-dial code or one-touch key has not been programmed.


Press menu/enter to program the speed-dial code or one-touch key.


Enter the fax number and press menu/enter. Include pauses, or other needed numbers, such
as an area code, an access code for numbers outside a PBX system (usually a 9 or 0), or a
long distance prefix. (See

Using dialing characters

for more information.)


When entering a fax number you can use a comma (,) for a pause, or the letter R if you want the
product to wait for a dial tone.

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Managing group-dial codes 89


Enter a name for the fax number. To do so, repeatedly press the numeric button for the letter
you need until the letter appears. (See

Using dialing characters

for a list of characters.)


Press menu/enter to save the information.