HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Sending a fax at a future time

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Sending a fax at a future time

You can schedule a fax to be sent automatically at a future time to one or more people. When you
complete this procedure, the product scans the document into memory and returns to the Ready
state so you can do other tasks.


This feature is not supported for Microsoft Windows 95.


If the product cannot transmit the fax at the scheduled time, it is indicated on the fax call report (if
that option is turned on), or logged in the fax activity log. This can happen in the case of no answer,
or if a busy signal results in the failure of redial attempts. (See

Setting fax call report print times


Printing the fax activity log

for more information.)

If you have set a fax to send at a future time but need to add something to it, you can send the
additional information as another job. All faxes scheduled to go to the same fax number on the
same date and time are delivered as individual faxes.

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