HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - To send a fax using a group-dial code

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To send a fax using a group-dial code


Load the document into the ADF input tray.


Adjust any fax settings, such as contrast or resolution.


Press the one-touch key for the group.
Press phone book, press the group-dial code assigned to the group, and press menu/enter.


Press fax/send.

The product scans the document into memory and sends the fax to each number specified. If a
number in the group is busy or does not answer, the product will redial the number based on its
redial setting. After multiple redial attempts fail, the product updates the Fax Activity Log with the
error and proceeds to the next number in the group.


The Fax Activity Log feature is not supported in the software for Microsoft Windows 95, but you can
print the Fax Activity Log using the control panel. For instructions, see

Printing the fax activity log