HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - To self-test the copier using the flatbed scanner

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To self-test the copier using the flatbed scanner

If your product does not have an ADF input tray, you can still test the copier by placing the
configuration page on the flatbed scanner.


Place the configuration page face down on the flatbed scanner with the top left corner of the
document located in the lower right corner of the glass.


Gently close the lid.


On the product’s control panel, press start/copy.

The product makes a copy of the configuration page and the control panel display returns to


. If the page does not copy successfully, see

Troubleshooting copy problems



To prevent damaging the product, do not allow the scanner lid to fall onto the flatbed scanner surface.
Always close the scanner lid when the product is not in use.