HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Printer drivers

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Printer drivers

When you installed the product software, you selected one of the following printer drivers:

PCL 6 driver: Use the PCL 6 driver to take full advantage of the product’s features. Unless
complete backward compatibility with previous PCL drivers or older printers is necessary, the PCL
6 driver is recommended.

PCL 5e driver: Use the PCL 5e driver if you need print results to look consistent with those from
older HP LaserJet printers. Certain features (FastRes 1200, ProRes 1200, and 300 dpi) are not
available in this driver. (Do not use the PCL 5e driver provided with this printer with older printers.)

PS driver: Use the PostScript (PS) driver for compatibility with PS needs. Certain features
(manual duplexing, printing booklets, watermarks, and printing more than four pages per sheet)
are not available with this driver.


The product automatically switches between PS emulation and PCL printer languages depending
on the driver you have selected. PS emulation emulates Adobe® PostScript Level2. PostScript is a
registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. For information about accessing your printer
driver see

Changing settings from your computer