HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - To use the archive feature (Macintosh)

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To use the archive feature (Macintosh)


Load the originals to be scanned face up in the ADF input tray and adjust the media guides.
Lift the flatbed cover and load the original to be scanned face down on the flatbed scanner
with the top left corner of the document located in the lower right corner of the glass. Gently
close the lid.


If the product is connected directly to your computer, the HP LaserJet Director opens after you
insert an item into the ADF input tray.
If you are on a network, scanning from the flatbed scanner, or HP LaserJet Director does not
automatically open, double-click the desktop alias for the HP LaserJet Director.


In the HP LaserJet Director, click Archive. If the HP LaserJet Director does not display an
Archive option, use the Customize option in the HP LaserJet Director to activate the Archive


The paper document is scanned, and the created document is opened in the HP Workplace.


If necessary, you can crop the image or add annotations.


Select File. Then select Save to save the document to disk.

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