HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Troubleshooting faxing problems

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Troubleshooting faxing problems

Use the topics in this chapter to troubleshoot common fax problems. These apply only to the
LaserJet 3330 product.

Fax phone problems

The document stops feeding during faxing

The product is receiving faxes but not sending them

Outgoing fax calls keep dialing

Faxes you send are not arriving

All of the numbers in a long fax number cannot be dialed

Unable to start receiving faxes from an extension phone

Voice calls are not being received by the phone or answering machine connected to the line

Incoming fax calls are not being answered

Faxes are transmitting or being received very slowly

Faxes are not printing or are printing incorrectly

Faxes are printing on two pages instead of one

Received faxes are too light or are printing only on half of the page

Fax activity logs or call reports are not printing correctly

The volume is too high or low

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