HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - What type of phone line are you using?

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What type of phone line are you using?

Dedicated line: A unique fax/phone number assigned to receive or send faxes. The phone cord
should be connected to the top port inside the left side panel of the product (the one that is not
labeled with a telephone icon).

Shared phone line: A system where both phone calls and faxes are received or sent using the
same phone number and phone line. A single standard phone line can only perform one function
at a time. You cannot send a fax while talking on the phone or while connecting to the Internet
using the same phone line.

PBX system: A business environment phone system. Standard home phones and the HP
LaserJet 3330 use an analog phone signal. PBX systems are digital and are incompatible with
standard phones and with devices such as the HP LaserJet 3330. You need to have access to a
standard analog phone line in order to send and receive faxes.

Roll-over lines: A phone system feature where, when one incoming line is busy, the next call
“rolls over” to the next available line. Try attaching the product to the first incoming phone line. The
product will answer the phone after it rings the number of times set in the product’s
rings-to-answer setting. (See

Changing rings-to-answer


Distinctive ring service: The phone company can assign two phone numbers to one physical
line and assign each number a distinctive ring pattern. Make sure the product is set to respond to
the correct distinctive ring pattern assigned to the fax phone number by your phone service
provider. (See

Changing answer ring patterns


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