HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Is your printer ON and READY?

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Is your printer ON and READY?

Check the following items to make sure that your printer is online and ready to print.

Is the printer plugged in and switched on? Make sure that the printer is plugged in and
switched on. The control panel display should not be blank. If you have checked these items
and the printer still shows no sign of being on, you may have a defective power cable, power
source, or printer.

Is the printer ready? The display should say


. If it does not, check to see that there are

no paper jams in the print or scan paper paths. See

Clearing media jams

for instructions.

Make sure all the doors are securely closed.

If the printer display still does not say


, try pressing the menu/enter button.

Try printing a configuration page. See

Printing a configuration page

. If you are not able to print

a configuration page, you will not be able to print from your print server.

After looking through the list above and making any necessary changes, is your printer ready