HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Is the Power/Status light ON solid green?

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Is the Power/Status light ON solid green?

Check the Power/Status light on your print server. It should be ON solid green (bright green in
color and glowing continuously, not blinking). If it is not ON solid green, please follow the
troubleshooting steps below.

For all of the steps below, note that when you first apply power to a normally operating print server,
the Power/Status light will slowly blink green for several seconds during self-test, and then go ON
solid green when the unit is ready for operation.


Check that the Jetdirect power module is plugged into a suitable power source (typically a wall outlet),
and that the power connector is plugged into the print server.

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Troubleshooting overview 193

If necessary, try plugging the power module into a different power source.

Try a different power module/cable if one is available.

After checking the items above and making any necessary changes, is the Power/Status light now
ON solid green?