HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Preventing problems

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Preventing problems

The following are a few simple steps you can take to improve copy and scan quality:

Use the flatbed scanner, rather than the ADF, to scan.

Use quality originals.

Load the media correctly. If the media is loaded incorrectly, it might skew, causing unclear
images and problems with the OCR application. See

Installing and loading the media input


for instructions.

Open or close the straight-through output door on the product to accommodate the copy job. If
you are copying to standard weight media, use the output bin (door closed). If you are copying
to heavy media, use the straight-through output path (door open).

Adjust the software settings according to how you plan to use the scanned page. See

Enhancing images with HP LaserJet Document Manager or HP Photo Center



resolution and color

for more information.

If your product frequently feeds more than one page at a time, replace the separation pad. For
more information, see

Changing the printer separation pad


Recurring feed problems indicate that the copier/separation pad is worn. See


HP parts and accessories

to order a new separation pad. See

Changing the printer separation


for more information about replacing the separation pad.

Use or make a carrier sheet to protect your originals.

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