HP LaserJet 3300 Multifunction Printer series - Is the original a second generation photo or picture?

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Is the original a second generation photo or picture?

Reprinted photographs, such as those in newspapers or magazines, are printed using tiny dots of
ink that make an interpretation of the original photograph, which dramatically decreases the
quality. Often, the ink dots form unwanted patterns that, when scanned and reprinted or displayed,
can be detected. If the following suggestions do not solve your problem, you might need to use a
better quality version of the original.

To eliminate the patterns, try reducing the size of the image after scanning. See


images with HP LaserJet Document Manager or HP Photo Center

for more information.

Print the scanned image to see if the quality is better.

Make sure that your resolution and color settings are correct for the type of scan job that you
are performing. See

Scanner resolution and color

for more information.

For best results, use the flatbed scanner, not the ADF, for scanning.